Taste The Rainbow: Artizians Teams up with Nicoline Aagesen for an Adidas Tracksuit Editorial


Nicoline Aagesen


Editorial Photography
Model Casting
Photo Editing


Inspired by the red Adidas tracksuit that Nicoline Aagesen is often seen donning in self-portraits and interviews alike, Hypebea worked with the artist in an editorial that pays homage to the Three Stripes tracksuit.

Artizians painted a dynamic picture of Hypebae's world through Nicoline Aagesen's lens. Photographer and brand collided in a vibrant explosion of colors and textures, with adidas tracksuits serving as the canvas for a stylish Hong Kong adventure.

Adidas x Hypebae

Hong Kong’s historic Choi Hung Estate became the stage for a bold fashion statement courtesy of Hypebae and Artizians. This editorial photoshoot, fueled by the vibrant energy of adidas tracksuits, reimagines the iconic sportswear through Hypebae’s trendsetting lens.

Danish photographer Nicoline Aagesen, known for her “My Camera My Rules’ ‘ philosophy, brings her signature bold style to the project. Inspired by her own love for the Adidas tracksuit, she collaborates with Artizians to create a modern homage to the Three Stripes classic.

The models wore the adidas tracksuits with undeniable swagger, each look meticulously crafted to embody Hypebae’s trendsetting spirit. Forget the traditional sporty vibe – bold colours and statement pieces from X-Girl and MISBHV seamlessly collide with the Adidas Originals, creating a fashion-forward fusion that’s anything but ordinary. It’s athleisure reimagined, elevated to chic new heights.

But it’s not just the clothes. Aagesen’s masterful eye for composition, lighting, and model selection elevates the shoot to new heights. Each image exudes the core of Hypebae’s aesthetic: chic, stylish, and undeniably cool.