This collaboration is not for the timid or shy – it’s about embracing that inner curiosity and breaking a few rules while you’re at it.


Nicoline Aagesen


Campaign shot
Fashion show
Look book


Raven + Rose x Nicoline Aagesen: Lingerie that sizzles, photos that shock, a fashion show that sets the runway ablaze. Forget timid, unleash your inner rockstar.  It’s an attitude, not cleavage.

Nicoline Aagesen

Artizians ignited a captivating journey for Raven & Rose, a lingerie brand celebrating empowered femininity. The collaboration began with a campaign photography session. Renowned photographer Nicoline Aagesen wielded her lens, skillfully painting a visual symphony of seduction and artistry. Delicate lace mixed with edgy latex designs danced under her gaze, each capture radiating both allure and subtle edginess.

But the story didn’t end there. The allure factor amplified with a captivating exhibition showcasing Raven & Rose’s iconic pieces. Visitors immersed themselves in a world of intricate designs and unapologetic femininity. Next came the electrifying fashion show, where the brand’s bold spirit strutted down the runway, leaving audiences buzzing with excitement.

Finally, the collaboration was immortalized in an epic lookbook. Each page whispered secrets of confidence and self-expression, celebrating the brand’s core belief: allure and charm aren’t confined to special occasions. As Raven & Rose founder Jasmine Smith herself declares, “Sexy is an attitude, not a pushed-up cleavage.”

This project wasn’t just about lingerie; it was about empowering women to embrace their inner confidence and celebrate their unique stories. Through meticulously crafted visuals and immersive experiences, Artizians helped Raven & Rose redefine what it means to be sexy, powerful, and utterly captivating.